Farmac Zabban  has always sought solutions and products ideal for orthopedic use .
This research has led to collaboration with Oppo, an American company leader in the production of orthopedic braces and supports for everyday use and for sports use. The line Oppo is now established in the Italian market and is identified as a line of high technology in materials research and in the conformation of the products.

From technological research of Farmac Zabban was born Duosac, a hot / cold gel bag in Softouch material . The cryotherapy line also consists of instant ice Frigosac and of ice spray Frigofast .

Arnicagel is a transparent gel of Arnica Montana at 30 % , which is used as an adjuvant in the treatment of bruising and muscle or joint problems.

Rich is also the line of specific bandages for orthopedics which is composed of the following products :
Pressoflex  strong, medium and bi-elastic compression bandages
Sustineaflex cohesive bandages,
Adeflex adhesive bandages,
Idealflex  ideal bandages and ideal type,
Bendelast elastic net bandage,
SportSkin skinsaver,
Taping Bandages

Finally Farmac Zabban is leader the market  in the manufacture of tubular bandages and plaster of paris bandages.

Sport and health

Sport and health

From Farmac Zabban's technological research was born Duosac hot /cold gel bag in Softouch material. The cryotherapy line also consists of Frigosac, envelope in plastic or non-woven fabric of instant ice, and Frigofast ice spray.
Linea OppO

Linea OppO

L'azienda OppO Medical è stata fondata a Seattle nello stato di Washington nel 1997 ed oggi conta più di 70 distributori nel mondo. OppO offre oggi la più vasta gamma di dispositivi medici ortopedici che sono il risultato di una serie di fattori....