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Quality Policy

The management strongly believes that constantly improving products quality standards is the required condition to achieve and consolidate satisfactory ecnomic results. Since the beginning of its activities, the type of organization in use evolved step by step, allowing customer satisfaction and to propose products of high quality.

Farmac Zabban was the first Italian Company in the wound care business to obtain the Certification of its Quality Control System issued by the Higher Institute of Health in March 1997 (Directive 93/42/EEC) and  published researches and studies on international journals; in particular by creating the first system of numerical counts of gauze (Bioburden).

The steady care about quality has brought to a continuous improvement to the quality standards that the Company has obtained the Certifications ISO 9002 + EN 46002  and UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 + EN 13485:2012 .
This led to the setting up, the control and development of procedures, checks and inspections in order to produce and to market safe medical devices, that offer reliable performances and comply  with all the relevant laws and norms.

The long experience in medical devices field, the know how of human resources together with the  advanced machinery and automatic equipment grant a strict respect of quality standards and offer assistance and solutions to meet the needs of efficiency and safety of customers.

The Company has an inside laboratory that is at the avant-garde in the controls relating to materials and finished products. It has all the necessary equipments to be completely independent. Finally, the production takes place in a new clean room finished in 2010.